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We are a Miami based distributor working with retailers, restaurants and hotels in the US, Latin America, Caribbean and Asia. We specialize in proteins and dairy, from European Cheeses, American proteins, vegan options, and special services such as consolidation, repackaging, short shelf life exports, dairy and protein certifications, USDA partnerships, labeling, box designs and private labels.

We have direct relationships with some of the biggest vendors in the world so that we can meet your retail, food service or deli needs, including branded deli programs which we have in 100s of stores across LATAM and the Caribbean.

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From USA to Latin America

Exports are
what we do!

From providing full service to becoming your buying agent, negotiating prices on your behalf, consolidating your cargo, creating export documents or keeping inventory for your stores.

Miami has become the hub for Latin American exports and consolidations, so whether it's bonded cargo or short shelf life imports we strive to add value to your operations.

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Export at a Fraction of the Cost

We Buy Directly

Buy directly from the plants using our buying office and leveraging our relationships.

We Scale With You

From a few cases to whole programs across different categories.

Credit Terms

Purchase with the credit terms that work best for you.


We specialize in export docs, registrations, USDA documents, we can help you with anything you need.

Why Choose Us?

We believe in minimizing your costs when it comes to exports, we understand the importance of being precise when it comes to purchasing, consolidating, exporting your product.

Let us help you understand market trends, storage costs and the shifts in market conditions, leverage the partnerships we have with US vendors to get the most out of your retail space.

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